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Getting Started With Email Widgets & Klaviyo
Getting Started With Email Widgets & Klaviyo

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Nosto email widgets allow you to make use of the intelligence of Nosto to promote right products to the right audience in your newsletters or any other emails you might send to your customers, such as registration emails.

Email Widgets support all modern email service providers without laborious back-end integration, meaning that you can go live merely in minutes! This tutorial walks you through the steps how to create your first email widget and includes links to other associated articles such as FAQs.

Getting Started: Create a New widget

Navigate to Emails > Email Widgets and Click create a new widget, which will open up the creation wizard.

Choose The Widget Ruleset

In the next menu, choose the widget ruleset, or in other words: What kind of products would you like to promote in the widget.  You can also change the ruleset later on. Click next to proceed.

Unsure what type to choose or how recommendation types work in the widget? Read full glossary under manuals section here.

Choose Klaviyo as an Email Platform

Choose Klaviyo as your email platform/service provider (ESP) from the list.

Visual Settings

Under copy and visual step you can amend some key visual aspects of the widget. The widget will feature a product’s image, name and current selling price and also the title as given in Block title input area. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget.

Preview-button will open up the recommendation in a safe preview-mode on the Nosto admin and allow you to review applied changes before clicking next to proceed.

Note: For consistency, we recommend you to define the width of the email widget similarly to the width of your email template.

Copy and save the widget

The final step is to copy the widget by clicking “Copy to clipboard” and by hitting the green button “SAVE”.

Once the widget has been saved, it’ll be displayed in your interface under the name of the campaign you have defined.

Klaviyo implementation

You are now ready to implement the Nosto Email Widget in the Klaviyo interface.

Select your email campaign or template and drag a text block where you want to display product recommendations through a Nosto Email Widget. Select Source and paste the snippet.

You’re now ready to proceed. Feel free to send a test email to validate the implementation.

If you want to send a test email, select Preview on the left panel and observe the test email in your inbox.

For further information on email design within Klaviyo interface, please visit Klaviyo Support Center and dedicated guides here.

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