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Getting Started With Email Widgets in dotdigital campaigns
Getting Started With Email Widgets in dotdigital campaigns

How to include Nosto's Email Widgets to dotdigital email campaigns

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Nosto email widgets allow you to make use of the intelligence of Nosto to promote right products to the right audience in your newsletters or any other emails you might send to your customers, such as registration emails.

Widgets support all modern email service providers without laborious back-end integration, meaning that you can go live merely in minutes! This tutorial walks you through the steps how to create your first email widget and includes links to other associated articles such as FAQs.

Getting Started with the Integration

Navigate to Nosto's Integrations (Settings >> Integrations) and select Dotdigital. When you click integrate, the menu expands and you can set your API's user name and password.  

Important: you need to use Dotdigital's API Users information (username & password) and not your Dotdigital's account user information to set up the connection between Nosto and your Dotdigital account.

You can find your API Users information in your Dotdigital account under Account Settings and Access:

Select API Users and create a new user and once created, click edit to access the user information:

Access to the API User information and you're ready to use both username and password. Note that the email address will be used as a Username within Nosto.

You can now set your credentials within Nosto and click Submit:

Success! You're all set and now your Dotdigital & Nosto accounts are connected. 

You can manage your credentials anytime using the Manage button:

Please find the official Dotdigital Support documentation on how to add users and/or manage access to users here and here.

Getting Started with Email Widgets

Navigate to Emails > Email Widgets and Click create a new widget, which will open up the creation wizard.

Choose The Widget Ruleset

In the next menu, choose the widget ruleset, or in other words: What kind of products would you like to promote in the widget.  You can also change the ruleset later on. Click next to proceed.

Unsure what type to choose or how recommendation types work in the widget? Read full glossary under manuals section here.

Choose Dotdigital as an Email Platform (default option)

Choose Dotdigital as your email platform/service provider (ESP) from the list.

Visual Settings

Under visual settings, you can amend some key visual aspects of the widget. The widget will feature a product’s image, name and current selling price and also the title as given in Block title input area. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget.

Copy and save the widget

The final step is to copy the widget by clicking “Copy to clipboard” and by hitting the green button “Save & Activate”.

Once the widget has been saved, it’ll be displayed in your interface under the name of the campaign you have defined.

Dotdigital interface

All email widgets are synced in real-time with your Dotdigital account and can be dragged & dropped in the Dotdigital editor. 

Getting Started with Nosto Onsite Pop-ups and Email Export

If you are using Nosto's onsite pop-ups to collect email addresses, you can export all collected email addresses to Dotdigital in a few clicks.

Navigate under Tools > Emails and select Email Export. 

Select Dotdigital:

Define frequency. You can either export in one batch or set up a daily or weekly schedule export:

Select any pop-up campaign as a source for collecting email addresses:

And finally select the Dotdigital list you want to target. As you have already connected your Dotdigital and Nosto accounts, all your Dotdigital lists are de-facto available through the dropdown menu when you select a targeted list.

For even more information, please refer also to the dotdigital documentation here.

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