Sometimes you need to give access to your Facebook Business Manager to someone else than the primary admin. There are many different levels of rights you can give users such as admin, analyst, advertiser etc. You can also do this for the Business Manager, Ad Account or Page separately by following this same guide.

Inviting employees to your Business Manager:

  • Go to Business Manager Settings.
  • Under the People and Assets tab, click People.
  • Click Add New People.
  • Enter the work email addresses of the people you want to add and select the role you’d like to assign them.
  • Select what resources they should be associated with and with what role.



Assign assets to people associated with your Business Manager:

Sometimes you already have people associated with the Business Manager but they might not have access to your page, advert account or product feeds.

  • Go to People and select the person you want to give asset access to.
  • Click Assign Assets and select either Pages, Ad Accounts, or Product Catalogs.
  • Select the specific assets you’d like to share access to and choose a role.
  • Click Save Changes.


Things to keep in mind:

  • Never give excessive admin rights to outside agencies or suppliers. Analyst or advertiser roles are more than enough for automated solutions or data analytics.
  • Ideally verify that the person you are sharing the account with has set up two-factor authentication for Facebook so your data is not exposed if this person is hacked.
  • If an employee or third party supplier needs temporary access – remember to revoke the rights after they do not need them anymore.
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