What is Offline Conversion Tracking and why Nosto uses it?

As a back-up mechanism, Nosto uses Facebook’s offline conversion tracking to send purchase data from your site to Facebook. This is done in order to create accurate target audiences for your retargeting ads. Occasionally a small share of online orders are not tracked and relayed to Facebook accordingly by the priority tracking method, and when our system detects a conflict, we use offline tracking as a fail-over method to report missed orders, so that users can be, for example, excluded from your retargeting campaigns.

What if I don’t accept the offline conversion terms of service (ToS)?

We recommend to accept ToS as otherwise we’re unable to create accurate target audiences for your campaigns and for instance a small share of Facebook users might not see your post-purchase ads, should you have these enabled. The share of users is typically [very] small, hence accepting ToS is optional, but recommended to use the full potential of re-targeting ad campaigns!

How to approve and what is the dialogue after accepting the the terms of service (ToS)?

Simply follow the link in the dialogue in the Nosto admin which lands you on Facebook. (image 1)

Read and accept Facebook’s ToS. (image2) Note that you need to be a Business Manager admin to accept the ToS. After ToS has been accepted, Facebook unfortunately automatically sends you to dialogue which prompts you to upload offline conversion data to Facebook. (image 3)  Uploading data is not needed as we take care of sending data automatically to Facebook after ToS has been accepted, so you can simply ignore the upload dialogue and return to the Nosto admin.


Why I need to accept separate terms of service (ToS?

As Facebook uses separate API and mechanism for offline conversion tracking you need to approve the ToS in order for Nosto to use it on your account and for your ads.

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