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How does a pop-up behave?
How does a pop-up behave?

Pop-up multiple behaviour

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With the Nosto pop-ups, there are a few technicalities to consider:

  • We do not show 2 pop-ups on top of each other

  • Our pop-ups have a ribbon active by default. So when pressing X it minimizes

  • Ribbon-sized pop-ups are still counted as shown, as they are and remain visible and can be reopened

  • Once you click on “No thanks…” the pop-up will be *permanently* closed

  • On the next page load after that, Nosto will be able to trigger another pop-up

  • If you want to deactivate the ribbon go to the pop-up campaign > visual settings > Ribbon On/Off

A short explanation on the most common pop-up triggers:

  • New visitor pop-up/Welcome Customers only shows if your cookie ID has not been seen by Nosto before.

  • Season Sales shows to each customer every time they visit the site

  • Abandoned Cart/Exit-Intent show up after the page has successfully loaded and the mouse cursor has been inside the page during the page load and was moved out of the browsing window.

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