The safest way to connect Nosto and Facebook is to use a separate ad account and pixel for your Nosto ads and native Facebook ads, as this minimises all conversion tracking issues or risks. 

However if you already have a Facebook pixel placed on your site, you may wish to use this pixel and ad account for your Nosto social ads so that you can make use of the user data you’ve already collected and audiences you've already created.

To connect Nosto with your existing Facebook pixel (and ad account), it’s essential that you first remove your existing placement of the pixel from your website code or platform settings. Nosto must place the pixel on your behalf; if you don’t do this before finalising the Facebook connection via the Nosto connection wizard, there is a high risk that Facebook will track each interaction, page view and order twice - meaning incorrect reporting and charges. In short, Nosto needs to add the pixel dynamically on behalf of you.

Before you proceed, we recommend to review does your pixel integration incorporate custom events or other settings. Nosto adds standard events for e-commerce along its own, used for example to create segment based audiences, enabling hyper-targeted campaigns for you. These are not available unless Nosto places the pixel.

Once you have removed the pixel placement from your platform settings or theme code, then you can connect your ad assets to Nosto using the same pixel. 

To do so, first please ensure that you have required level of access to the Facebook advertising assets. Then simply follow the usual process to connect Nosto and Facebook, but at the “Ad Account” section of the wizard select the Facebook ad account that is associated with your existing Facebook pixel. 

This will allow Nosto to leverage any user data that you’ve collected prior to connecting Nosto and Facebook, as well as any custom audiences associated to the ad account. You can also continue using the same ad account for campaigns that you want to run using the native interface.

Please note that Nosto will create a share of custom audiences automatically on the ad account connected to Nosto, so in case you want to keep your ad account's audience list short, a solution is again to use separate ad account for Nosto Facebook ads.

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