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How can I AB test Nosto onsite pop-ups?
How can I AB test Nosto onsite pop-ups?

Guidelines to test Nosto onsite pop-ups

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The article below provides guidelines to AB test Nosto onsite pop-ups.

If you are using a testing platform, you need to set up a method that removes the Nosto pop-up cookie for a given audience and leave the cookie for another one. The traffic allocation and the traffic distribution, which help you control how much of your site traffic enters an experiment or a variation, must be defined via the testing platform as well.


The identifier of the Nosto pop-up cookie that needs to be removed is 2c.dc and the default value when a pop-up is displayed is {“popup_campaign_id”: {“state”:“closed”,“coupon”:null}}

Via your Nosto Admin Panel, when you select a pop-up campaign, you can fetch the identified of the campaign via the URL. If you load the following page, 580dc68f60b29e6eac98ea2c is the popup_campaign_id.

Note that the cookie information is encrypted following this method: encodeURIComponent(“{\“popup_campaign_id\“: {\“state\“:\“closed\“,\“coupon\“:null}}“)

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