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Did it work? My Pop-up does not work!
Did it work? My Pop-up does not work!

How to test if your pop-up is triggering correctly

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We assume at this point that you have now created a exit intent pop-up successfully.

(In case you have not created a pop-up campaign yet, please follow this link.)

Now here is how you test that it really works.

  • Pop-up campaign has been set to active (On-Site > Pop-Ups > select the campaign > enabled on)?

  • If personalized coupon pool was your choice for this campaign, are there sufficient codes left or has it expired?

  • Are the appearance settings too strict?

  • If advanced rules apply, have these been met?

  • Should it still not work, please open an incognito/private browsing session and activate the debug toolbar. 

If you test an abandoned cart pop-up, please check the following:

  • Cart tagging needs to be working (use the debug toolbar to confirm)
    Note: After adding products to the cart, a page load needs to happen to have Nosto pick up the updated cart content.

If you test an exit intent pop-up, please check the following:

  • Load the page and keep the mouse cursor within the tab/window

  • Wait for the page to fully load

  • Move the mouse cursor out of the window/tab

With the Nosto pop-ups, there are a few technicalities to consider:

  • We do not show 2 pop-ups on top of each other

  • Our pop-ups have a ribbon active by default. So when pressing X it minimizes

  • Ribbon-sized pop-ups are still counted as shown, as they are and remain visible and can be reopened

  • Once you click on “No thanks…” the pop-up will be *permanently* closed

  • On the next page load after that, Nosto will be able to trigger another pop-up

  • If you want to deactivate the ribbon go to the pop-up campaign > visual settings > Ribbon On/Off

If you test a Season Sales and have a New Customer pop-up as well, please keep in mind the pop-up priority order.

This should trigger your exit intent pop-up. If it does not please feel free to contact and inform us with the steps already taken.

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