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Learn the basics of Nosto Experience Overview

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The Experience Overview empowers you to manage, preview, and maintain control over the onsite personalized shopping experiences retailers create for different customer segments.

The Experience Overview is a representation of your online store. All of the different page types and the various placements retailers can use to display Onsite Product Recommendations or Onsite Content Personalization campaigns are visible on the left side navigation menu. All segments are listed in the navigation bar, along with the segment representing all of your customers on the far right of the table. By default, if you create a product recommendation slot or an Onsite Content Personalization campaign and do not target a specific segment, it will be displayed to all customers.

Creating onsite personalized shopping experiences at scale

To create onsite personalized shopping experiences for shoppers who belong to a segment, you need to define which campaigns should be displayed, where on your online store they will be displayed, and finally, to which segments they should be exposed to.

Once you target a segment using a Nosto Placement to display a campaign, the campaign is listed in the Overview, represented by a green indicator (see the screenshot above)

You can edit which product recommendation slot or Onsite Content Personalization campaign will be displayed directly in the Overview if you use our editing function.

Three options are available:

  • No custom content fall-backs to the next eligible campaign using the same placement. This scenario is valid (for example) if shoppers belong to multiple segments or if you intend to use one placement to target all customers and simultaneously target other segments without anything specific being displayed in the same placement.

  • Hide content restricts any campaign to be displayed in the placement for a given segment.

  • Custom content displays all available Onsite Product Recommendation slots and Onsite Content Personalization campaigns in a dropdown menu.

Prioritizing segments

If shoppers belong to multiple segments, it is possible to prioritize an experience served to a segment over another experience. For this purpose, you may take advantage of our segment prioritization tool. Once ranked, segments are listed left to right in the overview in the order of their priority.

Previewing experiences

Good news for all designers and developers! 

All experiences can be previewed before even going live by using the brand new previewing function, empowering you to do in-segment preview! Simply select Preview, then select a segment, and you will be redirected onsite where you will experience everything as if you would be a shopper who belongs to that segment!

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