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Audience Insights & Builder - General Article

Learn the basics of Nosto Segmentation and its capabilities

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Nosto Audience Builder allows you to segment customers who share similar traits to uncover ecommerce specific insights and ultimately, implement powerful personalization strategies across different channels.

Nosto offers out-of-the-box, AI-powered automated segments which surface every stage of the customer lifecycle. In addition, on-demand segmentation is available and can be used to tailor personalization strategies based on different customer or product attributes. 

For instance, if you want to personalize and create different experiences for visitors in New York City who are interested in boxing gear, compared to California-based customers shopping yoga garment and accessories, you can achieve this in mere minutes.

Nosto Automated Segments, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Nosto offers a set of AI-powered automated segments which track and reflect each stage of the customer lifecycle. From entirely new acquired traffic to loyal customers, each stage is accounted for and unique to each and every store that is powered by Nosto's Ecommerce Intelligence Engine.

Nosto Custom Segments, crafted for retailers

To support specific business needs and goals, Nosto supports powerful features to create custom segments.

Segments can be created for example, based on the location of shoppers, the device they use, if they land on your website from a specific website, what did they bought or didn't bought and when or combination of all of the above.

Example of controls to target recent buyers of specific product range

Likely the most valuable segment types are lifecycle segments, which look into visit habits and especially behaviorial affinities which reflect if a consumer has shown interest towards a product range, category or brand, & more.

Actionability, one-click away

All segments can be used both offsite and onsite to create powerful unified personalized shopping experiences. You can export segments to CSV, create Facebook Custom Audiences, synchronize them to Google Analytics and use them to complement other Nosto products such as Nosto Onsite Product Recommendations and Nosto Onsite Content Personalization.

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