Nosto's Insights provides you with ecommerce-specific insights that help you better understand your customers, regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle.

In this article, you will learn the basics of Nosto's Insights and how they are generated. 

Nosto segments are dynamic and updated in real-time. When online shoppers visit your site, Nosto analyzes (in real-time) if they belong to a segment or not. If yes, all of the browsing behavioral events are combined with any transactional information and reported to the relevant segment(s) to build our Insights.

Key Figures

Retailers can look at the amount of visits made by shoppers who belong to any segment for any given date range since the creation of the segment. Additionally, their key performance metrics and how the main KPIs (such as conversion rate, avg. order value, volume of orders, number of visitors, and sales) and how they evolve over time can be seen.

A dedicated panel informs the users of how a segment is being targeted onsite through different Nosto Onsite Product Recommendations and Onsite Content Personalization Campaigns.  

A customer distribution panel is available to understand the distribution of shoppers from a Customer Lifecycle perspective along with the ratio of visits, sales, and visits of shoppers both browsing your online store for the first time and returning to it.

Products, Brands & Categories

What products do shoppers view the most or ultimately end up buying? What brand or categories do they have an affinity for? 

Learn all of this using our dedicated insights - leveraging both onsite browsing behavioral events and transactional data to understand which brands or categories yield the highest avg. order value or conversion rate, and more. All of this functionality is out-of-the-box and available for any segment! 

Location, Time & Tech

Do your shoppers convert better on a specific day such as in the morning or evening? Which devices drive higher avg. order value? Which city, or region has high traffic but no sales? Learn all of this immediately! 

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