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How do shoppers fall into segments?

Learn more about Segmentation & Insights segmentation

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All Nosto segments are dynamic, updated in real-time and based on targeting options.

When shoppers visit your online store, Nosto analyze in real-time their buying intents along with the context of navigation such as the location of these shoppers or if they land from a specific source of traffic.


If a shopper matches the targeting options/conditions of a given segment during a visit, all the key performance indicators and metrics inherent to the visit are aggregated to the Insights of the relevant segment(s).

Let's illustrate with a simple use case.

  • A customer based in New York City lands on the front page of an online store for the first time the 1st of February. 

  • He starts engaging with the store, views a lot of Adidas products only, signs up, adds some products to cart and ends up purchasing some of the Adidas products he has initially added to cart.

In one same visit, the customer has gone from being a First-Time Visitor to be a First-Time Customer due to his transaction completed.

At the same time, due to his interaction with Adidas products (Browsing events + Transactional events), he belongs to a segment of Adidas fans.

In the Nosto admin panel, it's possible to explore all segments and the associated Insights. For example, if I explore one of the segments listed above through a date range that includes the 1st of February, all the behavioral and transactional events of the visit are aggregated to them.

Note: The above applies if all the mentioned segments mentioned have been created in the retailer's Nosto Admin Panel. The "Visitors", "Prospects" and "1-time Buyers" segments are ones of Nosto Automated Segments so these segments are de-facto available for all Nosto accounts. The "Adidas Fans" is on the other side a custom segment that needs to be created manually.

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