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Recommendations settings page
Recommendations settings page

How to control global settings for product recommendations from one unified view in the Nosto user-interface.

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The Recommendation Settings feature includes options that are applied globally to all recommendations. It's important to note that these options might override configuration settings specific to individual recommendations, so caution should be exercised when making changes.

Recommendation Visibility controls the overall global visibility of recommendations. To activate any recommendation, Recommendation Visibility needs to be enabled. However, it doesn't override the visibility settings of individual recommendations, as each recommendation needs to be enabled separately.

Filter Duplicate Products is an option to remove instances where the same product appears more than once on a single page (load). For example, if multiple recommendations are positioned on a product detail page, this option will eliminate potential duplicates that may be shown in different recommendations on the same page.

Exclude Purchased Products is an option to remove products that have been previously purchased by the same shopper.

Track Variant Interactions is an option that allows the tracking of interactions with product variants by shoppers. This feature automatically adjusts recommendations to feature only the selected products, such as actively viewed and selected sizes or colors. Variant interaction requires the site integration to have mapped variants to Nosto, and by default the variant’s value is read from the browser's address bar using the tracking parameter "variant" and the corresponding variant ID. In cases where the site doesn't utilize a variant parameter, the event can be tracked by leveraging the JavaScript API. For more information about variant tracking, please reach out to Nosto's support team.

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