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How to use Discount Affinity as a signal and personalize shopping experiences accordingly

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Behavioural Affinities support Discount Affinity based on Nosto's AI. Discount affinity helps retailers to personalize experiences accordingly by targeting offers to the right group, consequently making it easier and faster to sell excess stock. On the contrary, discount affinity helps to sell full priced products to the right audience, improving store's profitability. 

Discount affinity looks into individual behavioural patterns and signals and creates a segment out of customers who are more driven by slashed prices than the average shopper population, called Discount-orientated shoppers. The outcome is a segment which is more likely to convert if discounted products and exciting offers are shown to them. 

The other option is Full price shoppers which works the other way around. The segment is a group who are not as driven by offers and discounts and are based on Nosto AI's prediction likely to shop regardless of discounts. 

  • Example and option above: Discount-oriented shoppers includes shoppers who have a high affinity for discounted products based on their browsing and shopping history. This segment is more likely to convert if red tags, slashed prices, offer pop-ups and similar inspirational banners are shown to them

  • Example and option above: Full price shoppers only includes shoppers who have a high affinity for full price products. In other words, they have never or rarely even interacted with discounted products, making it less likely for offers to work as a conversion optimization tool.

Use Case Examples

Note that discount affinity is one of the targeting options, meaning that you can use it in parallel with other affinity options or  attributes, depending on your business goal, inventory or campaign target. When applied without other targeting options, discount affinity creates a segment of two shopper groups

  • Discount-oriented: On the site, ideally create experiences including  offers, discount banners and similar. Target this group on Facebook and Instagram with offers (include only discounted products)

  • Full price: Prioritise regular promotions and give less dominant space or positioning on the site for discounts. Use together with loyal customers and/or number of purchases to create very accurate Lookalike audience for your Facebook and Instagram ads. 

When used in parallel with other options.

  • Example and options below: Discount-oriented shoppers used with Brand affinity Adidas. Outcome would be useful for instance if you have a brand that you promote with discounts for instance when you need to sell an excess stock of the brand quickly.

  • Example and options below is more to demonstrate the flexibility in case there's a need to create a really specific segment. The example segment below would consist of shoppers in New York City, with affinity towards Shirts and who are not driven by discounts. 

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