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Terms of Use Change 1st of January 2019
Terms of Use Change 1st of January 2019
We are announcing new Terms of Use taking effect on January 1st 2019. The most notable change is a small min. fee of $/€99/month
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We here at Nosto are dedicated to empowering your success. We’ve invested tremendously in making Nosto the market leader for AI-powered personalization and we are immensely proud to be serving you and over 2,500 brands globally.  

As our community of users has grown in both number and size so have we, adding new products and services to our platform to help you scale. In the last few years, some example of this continuous innovation include Intent based Pop-ups, Facebook & Instagram advertising and integrations with most Email Service providers for real time recommendations. We’re constantly adding new improvements to our Product Recommendations (read all about them in our blog), and creating a dedicated Community Management team designed to help retailers like yourselves to thrive.

 In line with these additions we are updating our Terms of Use that will come into effect on January 1st, 2019. The most notable change is that we are implementing a minimum fee of $/€99 / month for customers that aren't yet on our new Plans

What's the difference between the new and the old Terms of Use? 

Essentially it is the addition of a small minimum fee threshold of $/€99 per month on the total Nosto fee. In practice, if your total Nosto fee for all products is for example €82 per month, then it would be increased to €99 instead. On the other hand if the total fee during a single month is €130, then it will stay €130, thus not changing anything. This threshold-based pricing plan is named ‘Classic’ in order to distinguish it from the new revenue based pricing Plans and to reflect the fact that it’s only available to existing Nosto customers. 

Why is Nosto changing the Terms of Use?

We’re ultimately striving to make sure that we can continue investing in delivering more value through improved products and services to all of our clients. With the current model this is proving unsustainable and can lead to a mismatch between expectations and reality especially for a smaller merchant. The goal is to be able to offer even the smallest Nosto customers unparalleled experience through continuously evolving platform and best-in-class resources to succeed with personalization.  

Why did I receive this notification? 

The notification email and banner are displayed to all accounts that the change will affect. In case you think the notification was unwarranted and you’re already on the new Plans, one or more of your accounts might be affected. For instance, if you have multiple Nosto accounts or manage multiple accounts for your client(s), one or more of them seem to be still not consolidated. You can navigate to Settings > Billing > Status in the Nosto admin UI to verify your plan and contract type, and if you’re unsure, please contact support and we’ll review the status for you and advise how to proceed.

What are the benefits of the new Terms of Use?

Foremost you can continue using Nosto to deliver personalization experiences to your customers just as you have done until now. Second, the Classic plan includes access to Onsite Product Recommendations, Triggered Emails, Email Widgets, Onsite Pop-ups and Facebook & Instagram Ads with only one minimum base fee of $/€99 a month. This plan type is only available for existing customers and accounts, and all new clients have a minimum fee of $/€99 per product. In addition, we are creating a Community management team, tasked with improving the training and self-learning resources as well as enabling peer to peer information exchange.  

How can I terminate my use of Nosto?

You can cancel your contract at any point and the contract will be terminated by the end of the month. In case you want to terminate your contract and account, easiest way to do this is to contact support before end of December 2018. Note that terminating your contract will also remove all behavioral data processed by Nosto. If you need to remove all personal data in Nosto’s system before terminating the contract, you can speed up the process by using customer data removal tool. Otherwise Nosto will remove data after your contract has been terminated and after a short grace period. Please note that the customer data tool removes only personal data, but does not affect your contract status, so remember to do this separately by contacting support.

When are the new Terms being applied?

New terms of use are applied on 1st of January so if you want to cancel your contract and terminate your Nosto account, please reach out to our support by the end of the year. Note that the last day when your account will be available will be 31st of December. Afterwards you can still access Nosto admin panel for few months to retrieve your receipts, but after a few months your account and all data (including personal data) will be permanently removed, excluding your finance details (basically payment history) which we need to store for legal reasons. 

Can I pause my account now and get back on ‘Classic’ in 2019? 

Unfortunately you can’t cancel or pause your account and enable it later with the same pricing and contract. All new plans and contracts will have a base-fee of 99€ per product, while old customers (like yourself) get access to Nosto’s core products with only one base fee through the Classic plan. 

Can I stay on my current pricing plan?

All customers that are not on new Plans ( will be converted to Classic plans with a minimum fee on January 1st 2019 but will otherwise reflect the existing pricing model. All new accounts will have plans following the current pricing available on our website.

I have several URLs / Nosto accounts - what to do?

Extension stores or localised storefronts for the same business & brand are covered by one contract and our team has merged these under the same company account for you. For example, if you have storefronts such as for English; for French and for German storefronts and clients, these are grouped together so you will receive only one invoice with one base fee, starting January 1st 2019. Grouping is done based on domain names, meaning that different businesses and clearly differing domains such as and are treated as separate Nosto contracts, each with its own base fee. Please contact support for further details if needed.

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