Customers who are on Nosto's annual plans can make use of product feed and Default Product Catalogue for Facebook & Instagram ads. The catalogue can also be used for Shopping on Instagram and Facebook Shop Section. Unlike other product catalogues that we create on the fly on campaign-basis for customers using Nosto's Facebook & Instagram ads, the catalogue named Nosto Default Product Catalogue is continuously updated regardless of campaign's status. This means that when products are sold out on your store, prices dropped or other details adjusted, changes are reflected almost immediately in your ads or other Facebook features you might use, such as Shopping on Instagram. Default Product Catalogue is basically a product feed available for you. 

Nosto default catalogue is generated automatically when you connect your Nosto account to your ad account and Business Manager and the catalogue is updated as long as your Nosto account is connected to Facebook. If the default catalogue is not available under your business manager, reach out to our support.


Can I use the same product catalogue for ads I create myself in the Native Interface?
On annual plans, yes.

Why I can't get access on CPA pricing plan?
CPA pricing plans have 3% fee based on sales through ads and the product catalogue is intended only for ads managed through Nosto. On annual plans Facebook product fee is included in the tier plan, hence you can use the product catalogue for your on use

Can I create Instagram shoppable posts directly in Nosto interface
No, currently this is Facebook/Instagram native feature and you need to create the posts yourself following this guide.

Is Shopping on Instagram same as Instagram Ads?
No, these are two different products by Facebook and quite different by their nature. 

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