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Coupon pool expired? What happens with the emails?
Coupon pool expired? What happens with the emails?
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Let's take the following scenario:

You are using the Nosto Abandoned Cart Emails.
You are also shooting a coupon code in there, to push your clients to complete the purchase they abandoned.
The coupon pool expired (as you know, when creating a coupon pool, you also are prompted to chose an expiration date for it).

What happens with the emails?

  1. Are the emails not being sent anymore because the Coupon is missing?

  2. Are we still keeping sending those emails, but without a coupon?

The answer is 2!
The emails will continue to be dispatched, but without a coupon code. The trigger for an abandoned cart email is cart abandonment (obviously?!). So regardless of the content of the email, coupon or no coupon active, the emails will still be sent.

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