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How to import Customer Data to Nosto via API

Learn more about Customer Data Import

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Nosto provides a GraphQL API, a flexible and robust method for fetching and displaying personalized product recommendations and content across different touchpoints. As part of our GraphQL offering, a specific endpoint can be used to import Customer Data. 

Set up API 

When choosing to import Customer Data via API in the import creation wizard, you need to define a unique name for the list you are creating and a dedicated API Key is provided. 

You can use this API Key as an identifier when setting up the data exchange between your third-party system and Nosto. The API Key is unique to each Nosto account. 

Data Structure & Storage

When exchanging Customer Data over API, you must respect the specific technical guidelines as detailed here.

Once imported, customer attributes are stored in the corresponding customer profiles alongside with the corresponding email addresses in the Nosto system. Each profile is unique and can then be leveraged for the sake of segmentation.

Note: When exchanging Customer Data with Nosto over API, Customer Attributes fields are compulsory but if you wish to  send email addresses only for Segmentation purposes, you can upload Customer Data using a .CSV file. Read more our dedicated guide here

Segmentation Usage

Once customer attributes are successfully imported, users can now leverage Customer Attributes to create specific segments. 

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