You can decide to export email addresses of customers who belong to Nosto segments in form of .CSV files. 

In this article, you will learn how to export a segment from the Nosto platform. Once a segment is exported, it can be used in a third-party platform such as an Email Service Provider or a Customer Data Platform. 

Before you start

You need to have access to our Segmentation & Insights offering to be able to export segments to CSV. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Nosto support for more information.

Select a segment and export

In the segment listing view, identify the segment you want to export and click CSV Export.

Full screen here

Once redirected to the email export tool, you can adjust the date range to export email addresses of customers who belong to this segment in the past 30 days, past 7 days or select a custom date range.

After being initiated, an email notification will be sent to the account owner of the Nosto Admin Panel and a download link is available.

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