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What happens when I end a test?
What happens when I end a test?
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When ready to end a test, users can select which variation of the test will remain live in the relevant placements involved in the test. In result, 100% of traffic will be allocated to the selected variation and the traffic will not be split anymore between the variations set up during the test. 

For example, if a test has two variations (A and B) live, evenly splitting the traffic of a segment of Repeat Customers on a 50%/50% model 

Ending a test 

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The variation yielding the highest performance based on the optimization goal selected will always be highlighted in the modal. 

If you set up a test using placements that have never been used before for the targeted segment, you also have the option to stop the test and don't enable any of the variations:

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Experience Tests & Special Cases

In case of asymmetrical setups e.g. Variation A consists of Placement 1 (with campaign A1) and Placement 2 (with campaign A2) and Variation B consists of Placement 3 (with campaign B3) and Placement 4 (with campaign B4), Nosto will not show anything in the placements of the losing variation.


Following the example above, if variation A is chosen to be exposed to 100% of future traffic of the targeted segment, the Placement 1 and Placement 2 will be configured to show the campaigns A1 and A2 and nothing will be shown in Placement 3 and Placement 4. Campaigns B3 and B4 still exists and are listed in their respective campaign listing views but are not live.

Note: Placement 3 and Placement 4 can at a later stage be manually configured anytime on the Experience Overview. 

What happen with non-selected variations?

When you decide to go live with a variation, all the campaigns of the other variations will be disabled. The campaigns will be not deleted or archived. This is only valid of these campaigns are not in use in any other placement targeting other segments for example. 

In case of Experience tests, where multiple and potentially different placements per variation are used, Nosto will not show anything in the placements of the non-selected variations for the targeted segment. You can change the settings using the Experience Overview. 

An experience test is live evaluating the performance two variations. 

Targeted Segment: Repeat Customers

Variation A

  • Placement 1 is on category page used by Campaign 5

  • Placement 3 is on product page used by Campaign 6

Variation B 

  • Placement 2 is on category page used by Campaign 7

  • Placement 4 is on product page used by Campaign 8

If a user decides to go live with the Variation A at the end of the test, targeting Repeat Customers, nothing will be shown in the Placement 2 and 4 and the campaigns 7 and 8 will be disabled as they are not used in any other segment targeting. 

The summary of the setup on the experience overview would look like this:

Full screen here

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