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What do I need to create a test?
What do I need to create a test?
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In all Nosto tests, you need to choose a segment of customers to target, which placements you want to use to load your Nosto campaigns and finally, which campaigns to display in the relevant placements for the relevant variations.

Take a “Who? What? Where? Why?” approach to setting up these tests.  

  1. Who? The segment you wish to target.

  2. What? The content or recommendation you wish to test.

  3. Where? The placement(s) you will use i.e where on the site it should appear.

  4. Why? The purpose of the test, focussing on the metric you wish to optimize for.

For example; I wish to target my (1) returning visitors with a (2) discount focussed banner on the (3) homepage vs the default homepage banner to see which content results in a higher (4) conversion rate because I believe (4) a discount can be an incentive for conversion.  

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