Get started with Category Merchandising on Shopify or Shopify Plus

Nosto offers multiple products that can be enabled through a few clicks, but this article will focus mainly on enabling Category Merchandising which allows a retailer to sequence category pages using product attributes and real-time performance metrics and target users with different views based on their needs and wants by using Segmentation. 

Installing Nosto on a Shopify Plus store and consequently implementing Category Merchandising requires only a few manual steps to be done. 

Installing the Nosto application

First head to the Shopify App Store and install the Nosto application.

Installing the Nosto app follows an identical flow as installing any other app, and you will be guided through the installation through on-screen instructions. 

When installing the app you will be prompted for an email associated with your Nosto account. You can find this email in your contract sent to you by Nosto. 

How does Category Merchandising work on Shopify and Shopify Plus? 

Nosto leverages Sequences to modify existing collections, or if using the Advanced Targeting to create clone collections and apply redirects.

Learn more about Sequencing here: Sequencing on Shopify or Shopify Plus

Lean more about Advanced targeting here: Advanced Targeting on Shopify and Shopify Plus

Getting started with Category Merchandising after it’s installed on Shopify or Shopify Plus

Once you have done all the steps outlined in this document, you should start by creating your first sequence and testing that it works as expected. Please note that there might be up to a 30min delay after a sequence has been created due to caching before the redirect starts working as expected. 

Get started with Category Merchandising here: Get Started with Category Merchandising

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