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Using a Nosto popup to redirect the user to a specific page
Using a Nosto popup to redirect the user to a specific page

This article will show you how you can set up a Nosto popup with a link in no time

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If you are using Nosto on your online shop, you have most likely activated (or you are about to) one of our popups: this feature helps you engage better with your customers - either all of them or just a segment, even picked by geolocation - by offering them discounts, subscription to a newsletter or just the possibility of sending their shopping cart to their inboxes.

This is our basic, default popup looks like:

But what if, instead of offering your customers a discount, you just want to redirect them to a page in your online shop?
Something like this:

By default, we do not offer this feature but, with a little customization to your popup's code, we will put it in place in matter of minutes.

First of all, scroll down to the HTML section of the popup, until you find the block

<div class="NostoForm">

this contains by default three buttons for showing the coupon, copying it to the clipboard and continue shopping.

Here is a screenshot coming from the code section of the popup that you will need to delete:

in this way we are removing the form part (containing the buttons) and also the container for the coupon code.

Once you have deleted that part, you can replace it with this:

<div class="NostoForm">
        <button type="button" class="NostoInputButton" onclick="location.href='';">$!props.text.callToAction</button>

where, of course, you need to replace the URL in this example with one of your choice.

If you did everything alright, the main CTA of your popup now will lead the user to the page you have chosen.

N.B. Please keep in mind that this does not work for popups with email subscription field or for Abandoned Cart popups.
Also do not forget that, by replacing the coupon section with just a button with a link, the related analytics of the popup will not grow: this does not mean that nobody has clicked on the button with the link.

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