Get started with Category Merchandising on Magento 2

Nosto offers multiple products that can be enabled through a few clicks, but this article will focus mainly on enabling Category Merchandising which allows a retailer to sequence category pages using product attributes and real-time performance metrics and target users with different views based on their needs and wants by using Segmentation.

Installing Nosto on a store running Magento 2, and consequently implementing Category Merchandising requires only a few manual steps to be done.

Installing the Nosto plugin

Make sure you are running the newest, but at the very least version 4.0.0 of the main Nosto application found here:

Guides on how to install and troubleshoot the Nosto plugin can be found here:

Installing the Category Merchandising plugin

Make sure you are running the newest version of the Category Merchandising plugin found here:

Guides on how to install and troubleshoot the Category Merchandising plugin can be found here:

Did it work? How can i check if it's working as expected?

You can find individual settings for the Category Merchandising plugin under Stores -> Configuration -> Services -> Nosto Category Merchandising. You might need to clear the cache after installing the plugin to ensure everything is working as expected.

After Category Merchandising has been successfully installed and enabled, you can change the ordering and default settings of the product listing options under Categories -> Collections -> Display Settings. Category Merchandising can be used either as the default sorting method, or as a secondary option in the dropdown.

After Category Merchandising is installed and enabled, you should see the new sorting method called Relevance by default in the store dropdown.

How to create sequences and control the order of items after the plugin has been correctly installed and enabled?

You should start by reading this guide:

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