Once the Facebook integration is successfully finished a user sees a dashboard such as below. The top area of account tab includes the status information of the integration:

  • User who connected the account
  • Account status
  • When product catalog was updated to Facebook. Last updated indicates when Nosto updated one or more product details to Facebook, for instance when price details changed, while last full update is weekly full upload, which updates all product data.
  • Top level pixel stats
  • Asset information of business manager, ad account, product catalog and pixel to help in debugging
  • Status information if integration error is detected.

The bottom area of the same view includes three control toggles for the integration.

  • Currency for ads if Nosto integration includes multi-currency support. This'll send product currency variant to Facebook as a part of the integration
  • Optional data control toggle for Facebook ads, which when enabled sends receipt data to Facebook offline API. By default the option is disabled
  • Disconnect-button, which disconnects the integration and consequently terminates all updates to catalog and pixel through Nosto.

The product catalog tab features include and exclude options for product catalog integration, if catalog upload is selected as the integration mode. The catalog view repeats some key debugging integration information as the overall account view.

The options in the include & exclude settings allow to control if Nosto manipulates the product catalog uploaded to Facebook. This supports for example removing products that might violate Facebook's ad policy or including only products that you want to advertise in your ads and upload to Facebook due to branding or merchandising reasons. As and example of the latter, in the screencapture below, the configuration would only include products that are priced more than $4.90. As the opposite, you can use exclude products filter to remove products that you specifically do not want to upload to Facebook.

Rejected products tab looks like in the sceencapture at the below, if Facebook has not rejected any of your products.

In case Facebook has rejected one or more of your products, they appear as a list with a reason given by Facebook and when the status was updated. Note that the reason is directly read from Facebook and Nosto has no control over the repealing the decision. In case you want to remove rejected products automatically from your ads, you might want to exclude them either using the exclude filters or by creating an adset in Business Manager that doesn't use the full catalog.

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