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Excluding Products from Nosto
Excluding Products from Nosto

Learn how to use Catalog Explorer to exclude products from the catalog and preventing them from being recommended throughout Nosto campaigns

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There are multiple cases where you might not want products showing up in Product Recommendations or Email Widgets, for example. It might be a certain brand you don't want to spend screen real-estate promoting or a certain category (adult products, for example) that you don't want showing up around the site.

In these cases, you can use the Catalog Explorer to either exclude individual products or groups based on filters.

Excluding individual products

Products can easily be excluded by multi-selecting them in Catalog Explorer and clicking on "exclude" in the mass-action modal above the data table. The exclusion is not instantaneous and will require up to a few minutes to register in our backend.

If a product has a pending change that has yet to go live, there will be an icon denoting that the product is being updated.

After a product has been excluded there will be an icon indicating this as part of the availability field. The associated tooltip indicates if a product has been individually excluded or if the exclusion is a direct result from an active dynamic exclusion.

You can filter by the exclusion status to access an up-to-date list of which products are excluded. This is constantly available as part of the availability breakdown seen above.

Dynamic exclusions

If the products you aim to exclude share a unique characteristic such as category, brand or tags, you can set up a Dynamic Exclusion to automatically exclude all products with this attribute now and in the future.

The Dynamic Exclusion will be applied to all current products and for all items that fall under the criteria in the future.

Products that have been excluded via a Dynamic Exclusion will have a slightly different tooltip denoting the criteria so that you know what to look for if you need to tweak the criteria or remove the exclusion in the future.

Batch Exclusions

If you want to batch exclude a list of products based on their Product ID you can do that by copy and pasting the list of ID's into the Batch Exclusion section. This is a handy way to exclude a long list of products based on some external criteria that can be easily exported from your ecommerce platform, for example.

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