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Updating Products Manually
Updating Products Manually

Learn how to use Catalog Explorer to take action if a product has outdated data or information does not update as expected automatically.

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Nosto employs different mechanisms to automatically collect product data depending on the ecommerce platform used. On selected platforms such as Shopify, the data is updated automatically whenever you make changes in the backend (such as marking down the price), but also when products are viewed or purchased to reflect demand.

You can see the last update on the right hand side of the availability breakdown to get a high level understanding of whether products are being updated as expected. Using the Last Updated field, you can also filter or sort products to check that everything is updating as expected.

If you want to delve deeper into individual updates for a particular product, you can access the Updates tab on the single product page to view all the update events -complete with timestamps and which fields changed.

In some cases, data may not be updating as expected. Clicking on the Last Product Update field in the availability breakdown will allow you to schedule a mass product update. Depending on how many products you have in your catalog, this might take a while.

After scheduling the update, you can see the current progress instead of the last update timestamp. Clicking the update field again will allow you to stop the manual update (if this was done by mistake) or if you notice that the process affects product fields in an adverse way.

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