The Product Recommendations overview enables you to review, manage and analyse all of your campaigns in one place; on a general or granular level. These insights can either be used within Nosto or exported as a .csv file for further use. Review, analyse and manage your campaigns by page type, toggle to view a sortable list that enables you to sort all campaigns by key performance metrics and campaign details. Filters, search and archive can help you to optimise your workflow.

Features include:

  • Toggling views for optimal workflow - between page type grouping and sortable list

  • Filter results

  • Configure columns

  • Search campaigns

  • Export as CSV

  • Archiving Recommendations without losing data

  • Quick actions (add fallback, edit fallback prio, copy as new, archive)

  • Mass actions (enable/disable, archive, delete)

Group by page type

Good for reporting and reviewing performance by page type.

The page type group view shows each page type and the aggregate performance metrics, as well as a quick summary of how many campaigns you have and how many of those are enabled. By expanding each row using the arrow on the left of the page type, you can view the breakdown of every campaign within the page type. The total row also details the total performance metrics for all Product Recommendation campaigns within the chosen date range.

Sortable list

Good for granular analysis and optimisation.

This list view is a list of all campaigns, listed alphabetically and by page type. With a quick sort of the columns (click on the column header) you can sort alphabetically across all page types, sort by performance metrics, by placement, segment or any of the other columns available.

Filtering the campaigns

You can get started with filtering by clicking the “filter” button next to the search bar on the left side of the main content area. This opens up a modal where you can filter campaigns based on multiple criteria: such as page type, updated (date), conversion rate % or sales per click. Filters will remain active as you switch between views.

You can view a full list of details and metrics in our glossary of campaign details and performance metrics.

Configuring the columns

Using the configure dialogue button, you can modify the columns that are visible when analyzing the data. When the column titles are highlighted in blue they are sortable (in the sortable list view), meaning that you can add columns and then sort by the metrics and details that are most important to you. Columns will remain active as you switch between views.

Search the campaigns

When searching for a particular campaign you can use the search bar to search by the campaign title (the title shown in the Recommendation) or by the Slot ID (the unique ID used for tracking). The search will match exactly. The search will start without any need to press enter, meaning that the list will reduce as you type each character. Search will remain active as you switch between views.

Export as CSV

When exporting as CSV you can choose to export only data in your configured columns, or all data across all columns. If you have added filters, the export will only include the results based on your selection criteria.

The CSV file will be sent to the email address that you are currently using to log in to Nosto.


By clicking on the three dots next to the campaign title (quick actions), or by selecting the checkbox and selecting a mass action, you’ll see that ‘archive’ is available. Archive will disable and hide the campaign from view, allowing you to clear your workspace for better management. Archived campaigns will retain all configuration and previously tracked performance statistics. You can view all archived campaigns by clicking on ‘Show archived’ in the configure columns overlay, or by adding the filter Status=Archived, which will show you only archived campaigns. All archived campaigns can be unarchived and re-enabled whenever you need.

Quick actions

The three dots next to the campaign name will give you quick access to the most needed actions like: add a fallback, edit fallback priority (if there is more than one fallback), archive and delete.

Mass actions

Mass actions can be found and applied when in sortable list view. By selecting the checkboxes you can then choose between: enable, disable, archive and delete.

Tip: to apply an action to many campaigns at a time, you could add a filter to reduce the results, increase the number of items per page, select all by selecting the top row checkbox and then apply an action to all campaigns in the table. Delete is irreversible.

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