Dashboard introduces the activity on the site providing valuable insights about customers shopping on your site and their behaviour in real time. Live feed allows monitoring what products are currently being viewed and for example if active campaigns are delivering expected results also allowing shop managers to react immediately to trends in customer behaviour.

Live Activity

Summary of active sessions on the site.

  • Customers online displays the active visitor sessions on the site. (Note, the session time is 30mins, meaning it might differ to Google’s Real Time Analytics)

  • Number of active carts

  • Products in cart is the number of products currently in cart

  • While the potential revenue is the sum [of value] of all products across all carts.


Summary of key performance indicators. Statistics are from the past 30 days and measured against the previous month illustrating trend changes.

  • Time zone and Date picker

  • Conversion rate: Share of visitors who bought something during their visit to the site i.e. Number of visitors who bought / Overall visitors = conversion rate.

  • Average Order Value: Overall sales / number of orders = AOV.

  • Abandoned Cart Rate: Rate of customers who have added item(s) to their shopping cart and then left the site without buying them

  • Sales through Nosto: The percentage from the total sales coming through a Nosto product. 

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