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Manage Content: What's New?
Manage Content: What's New?
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You may have noticed we’ve updated the Manage Content view (Curate > Manage Content). Based on your feedback, we’ve made some major improvements to the workflow. These new changes should now make content management even easier!

In this guide, we will highlight how to get started.

NOTE: This video is partially outdated, and will be updated soon. The remainder of the guide has been updated.

Filtering Content

Refine By options have moved: these option now sit underneath four tabs titles, 'All Content', 'Co-Pilot', 'Saved Views' and 'Filters' at the top of your screen.

Underneath each tab, there are two sections, 'Filter By' and 'View Options':


Let’s explore the Filter By functionality a little more. You can now Filter by the following options:

  • Network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc

  • Media: Image, Video, Audio, Text

  • Terms

  • Tags

  • Order by: latest, oldest

  • Date

  • Languages

  • Location: options include 'with location', 'with specific location' and 'without location'

  • Rights: Rights approved, rights requested, rights expired etc

  • Sentiment

  • Shopspots

  • Concept

You can also refine the View to assist with moderation. The View options allow you to sort the view by Published, Queued or Trash.

There are also advanced options allowing you to filter by Starred content, Pinned content, or the Disabled Reason.

You can now save your Filter By and View options as a Filter (one to one relationship with a Display) or Saved View (collection of refinements based on your choosing - e.g. queued content from a specific Tag)

So what’s the difference between a Filter and Saved View?

A Stackla Filter can be used for two purposes. The first is to filter content for a Stackla Display (i.e. Widget, Email or Event Screen). It’s worth noting your Filter will only display published content, and will be available to all users in your Stack.

A Saved View is purely for content curation, not for Display. Saved Views are unlimited and can be made for private use, or can be available for all Stackla users to see and use as needed.

When refining content within Manage Content, you can choose to save your settings as a Saved View or Filter by clicking the tabs below and selecting from the drop-downs.


View Settings

The page View Settings have now moved to the cog icon in your content panel. From here you can edit the Items per page, Display Columns and the Live Updates toggle.

Note: the display columns will only work when you have List View selected. Once these settings have been configured, Stackla will remember them for the next time you log in from the same device.



We’ve also updated the tagging functionality, making it easier to create, edit, remove and add tags to a tile.


To add or a remove a tag click on the “Edit Tags” icon in the in-line or expanded tile view. From here you can search, select or create a tag to add to your tile.

For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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