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How to manage your content
How to manage your content
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Stackla provides the ability for customers to curate all your ingested content from your various Terms on the Platform.

To access the Curation section of Stackla, simply go to Curate > Content

From here you will be presented with all the content that has been aggregated in chronological order (last ingested content first).



By default, the Curate Content section will display all content that is currently on your Stack, however you may only want to access a specific segment of content.

To achieve this, Stackla offers three ways to refine content:

  • Refine within Curate Content

  • Load an existing Filter

  • Load an existing Saved View

To load an existing Saved View or Filter, simply click on the My Saved Views or My Filters tabs located at the top of the Curate Content screen.

These will provide a list of all your pre-configured Views and Filters on your Stack, which you can then select.


Alternatively, if you have not yet created a Filter or Saved View, or just wish to build your own segment, you can use the Refinement options available in Curate Content.

The Refinement section, located at the top of the Curate Content screen, will display, by default, the most Common Options, which includes the ability to Filter by a series of conditions, and view content based upon their state of Published, Queued and/or Disabled.

For users who require more options, they can load additional refinement options and/or more advanced View options.

Most Common Options:


Full List of Options:



The Curate Content screen allows users to perform a series of actions on the aggregated content tiles. These options include core functions, such as marking the status of the Tile (either Published, Queued or Trash), or Applying / Editing Tags (which can be done at the base of a Tile) or accessing more advanced options via the overflow menu.


Further details around each of the Advanced options are available throughout the Support Portal.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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