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As per the recent changes to the Instagram API it is no longer possible for any third party software, including Stackla, to post comments on behalf of a Instagram Business Account unless that account has been mentioned in either the Caption or the Comments.

As such, the process for requesting Rights to content which you may have ingested based upon a Hashtag, Location or other condition will be slightly different.

Outlined below is the approaches which you can take.


Works For:

  • Rights via Response

  • Rights via Registration


1. Navigate to Curate > Content.

2. When you have found content that you'd like to acquire the rights to, select either Rights via Response or Rights via Registration from the More Actions menu (drop down arrow on right-hand side).


3. You will then be provided a message template which will be populated either with a Claim Hashtag (Rights via Response) or steps to find the Claim URL (Rights via Registration).


From here you can select Copy Message to copy the generated template. Once copied, select Go to Instagram Post

This will load up the Instagram Post in either a new Browser Window on Desktop or in your Instagram Mobile App.


Simply paste in the copied message into the Add a comment... section at the bottom right of the Tile on Desktop, or in the Comments section on your Mobile App. Once posted, a notification will be sent to the user, where the can complete the Rights via Response or Rights via Registration process.

In order to track any Requests that you have sent, you will want to be sure to click the Mark as Rights Requested button for each tile! While this is optional out of the box, it is very helpful for tracking purposes.

As a second level of validation, to prevent your users from proactively utilizing your Response Hashtag and your content be improperly flagged as Approved, only posts that have been Marked as Requested will be monitored for Approval. For more information regarding this, please reach out to your Stackla Account Manager.



Works For:

  • Rights via Registration


1. Navigate to Settings > Rights via Registration

2. Scroll down to the Setup Message Template section and copy the URL located under the Instagram title.


This URL will work for all Instagram requests, with Content Creators presented only the pieces of content you have aggregated from them.

3. Send the request via Instagram Direct. This can be done either using the Mobile App, or if you are on Windows 10, using the Windows App.

To find the relevant user handles of the people you may want to request rights to, go to Curate > Manage Content


The message sent to the end user can be whatever you like, however just make sure to include the Claim URL you collected earlier.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to support@stackla.com or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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