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How to create a Competition
How to create a Competition
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  1. Engage > Competitions > Add New

  2. Complete the tabs below to set up your competition

Updating the General Tab

  • Enter in the Competition Name.

  • Select your desired Timezone.

  • Fill in the Start Date and End Date.

  • Under Competition Tags, you can link an existing Tag(s) or, alternatively create a New Tag to add to the competition. When creating a new tag, simply enter it into the drop down and select, Create.

Updating the Advanced Tab

  • Under, 'Leading' entries choose between 1 - 60 to determine the highest voted on entries in the competition.

  • Using the, Auto-apply tag to leading entries option, you can create tag(s) to tag the highest voted on entries. These items can be used to determine finalists / winners for your competition. You can also use this tag to display the highest voted posts in a separate display.

  • Under, Pin leading entries you can choose to place the highest voted on posts at the top of your display. When using this option you will need to know the Filter you are using to power your display. Select this Filter, and if required enter in a number to indicate where you would like these entries to start from. For example, all leading entries should start from position '4' onwards.


Leaderboard Tab

Use this area to review the highest voted on entries within your competition. This is a quick way to determine who is in the lead.

Report Tab

Once the competition is complete, you can use the reporting feature to review votes and interactions during the competition.

Note: If this hasn't been installed already, go to Plugins and locate Competitions, and request plugins. You account manager will walk you through the next steps to set up feature.

For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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