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How does voting work with regards to my competition?
How does voting work with regards to my competition?
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When setting up a competition it is important to know the limits and rules around voting for participants.

To help prevent users from casting multiple votes or spamming a competition, the limit for voting is 1 vote per tile, per IP address, per set period of time (1 hour by default). This means that after an hour, the user could vote again on the same tile. This also means that the same user can vote on multiple tiles within the hour.

  • It is recommended that your competitions T&C’s reflect the voting limitations, as well as the risks associated.

  • We also recommend stating that the validity of entry as well as the winning entry will be determined by you at the end of the competition and you can remove any entry at any time if a user/entry is suspect of cheating/gaming the system.

Placing Voting functionality behind a login wall

It is also possible to place your competition's voting functionality behind a login wall. When a User ID is used, interactions such as voting or commenting will be recorded against that specific user. This method allows you to specify the voting limitations, and provides a greater confidence in the identity of the user while reducing the risk of the results being unfairly influenced.

  • User ID can be any string up to 255 characters in length. This might be the ID of a user from your site, an IP address, a random session GUID – anything you like.

  • You can find a full guide for this on our Developer Portal.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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