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While the dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of the activity occurring within your Stack. There are opportunities throughout the product to drill deeper via our reports functionality.

Individual Tile Interactions Report

This report provides a summary of web traffic associated with an individual Tile based upon interactions.

There are two points within Stackla where a user can generate an Individual Tile Interactions Report:

  • Curate - via the tile overlay menu under Tile Details > Analytics

  • Performance/Commerce/Tile Interactions/Organic Advocates Dashboards - by clicking on an individual tile within the Top Tiles section of each Dashboard.


Individual Widget Report

The Individual Widget Report provides a summary of Impressions, Interactions, and Transactions measured against specific widgets.

There are two points within Stackla where a user can generate an Individual Widget Report:

  • Engage - via the Widgets section where a user can select a dropdown of Actions such as Analytics.

  • Performance/Commerce Dashboards - by clicking on a widget within the Top Widget section.


Product Tag Report

The Product Tag Report provides users with an overview of the interactions and transactions that specific product tags have generated from Stackla content.

Stackla users can access the Product Tag Report by selecting a specific product tag from the ‘Latest Transactions’ breakdown in the Commerce Dashboard or the Individual Widget Report.



With the new suite of reports and dashboards available, Stackla customers can export either PDF or CSV files via the dashboard or report console.

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