Eloqua: How to connect the Email Plugin with Eloqua
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Oracle Eloqua enables clients to either upload their own pre-built HTML email templates to the tool for sending, or alternatively customise on of the existing templates available within the tool. This guide highlights how a user can easily embed the Stackla Email plugin into one of the Oracle Templates.

1. Create an Email

From within Eloqua select 'Assets', then click 'Email' and select 'Create an Email' from the available options within the Platform.


2. Select the Template

From within Eloqua, select an appropriate template from the available options. It should be possible to insert Stackla's Email plugin into any of the available options.


3. Select to Add to 'Code' Content to the template

Once the template has loaded, from the Right Hand Side (RHS) select to add a 'Code' content block (Indicated by <>) from the available Content pieces.


You should position this Code section within the template where you would like the UGC to render.


​4. Add the Email Embed Code

Once you have added the Code content block to your Email, you can now insert in the Stackla Email embed code into the editor and hit save.

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