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Hootsuite : Send content to Stackla
Hootsuite : Send content to Stackla
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Requirements: You must have a Hootsuite Pro or Enterprise account.

Networks Supported: Twitter, Facebook Pages.

From your Hootsuite Dashboard hover over any Tweet with your mouse:

1. Click the dropdown ("V") icon and choose "Send to Stackla"

2. If you have not logged in to your Stack previously, you will be prompted to log in and grant Hootsuite relevant permissions.

3. In the "Send to Stackla" popup:

  • Select your Stack from the "Select Stack" dropdown (you must choose a Stack with an active Hootsuite Aggregation Term)

  • Apply Tags by selecting from a list of existing Stackla Tags

  • Choose a status (Publish, Queue, Disable) that you wish to have applied to the content

  • Click "Send"

Your content will now be visible in Stackla via "Curate" > "Manage Content".

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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