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Episerver Social UGC allows for customers who hold both an active Episerver and Stackla license to access key Stackla Admin functionality natively within their Episerver Admin User Interface.

To connect the two platforms, please follow the steps below.

Download and Install the Episerver UGC Nuget

Download and Install the latest version of the Episerver UGC Nuget from Episerver here.

Before installing please ensure you satisfy the following prerequisites / dependencies:

Once installed, go to your Stackla instance to configure the integration.

Configure the Plugin

Once in Stackla, select Plugins from the Navigation menu and click on the Read More link for the Episerver UGC plugin.


Once loaded, you can now hit the Install button on the Plugin Details page.


The plugin will now install and you will be presented with the Plugin Configuration page. Here you will want to complete the following:

Once completed, click the Download JSON button to download the configuration options for Episerver and then hit Save.


Configure Episerver UGC

Within your Episerver instance navigate to CMS > Admin > Episerver UGC (Under Tool Settings)

From here, select to Upload Credentials and select the JSON file you downloaded in the previous step and hit Save.


This will start the authentication process where you will need to authorise Episerver to access Stackla and Stackla to access Episerver.

For additional configuration options, visit the Episerver World site.

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