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The Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) is designed to help Sitecore clients speed up the production of websites by introducing a number of new tools making it easier to reuse components, layouts and templates across a variety of sites.

Included in this guide is the steps that a Customer can take if they wish to use Stackla as part of this new drag and drop functionality.

Note: The below instructions assumes that you have already configured the Stackla Sitecore Plugin and have created your appropriate Tenant and Sites on your Sitecore instance. If you have not configured SXA, please view the above video.


Assuming you have already installed and connected the Stackla Sitecore plugin on your Sitecore instance, and have setup SXA, you can start the process of adding Stackla as a Presentation Rendering.

To do this, load the Content Editor within your Sitecore instance.

From here navigate to the Available Renderings section within your selected Sitecore website. This is usually located at Sitecore > {Tenant} > {Website} > Presentation > Available Renderings


From here, we want to right click on Available Renderings and select Insert > Available Renderings

We will now have the opportunity to name our new Rendering. We suggest something like Stackla.


From here you will be presented with a screen similar to below. Simply click Edit to add the Stackla Widget.


You can now navigate through your Sitecore instance to add the Stackla Widget rendering. Generally it will be located at Layout > Renderings > Stackla > Widget. Once you have found it, simply click on the arrow pointing right to add it to the Selected column.


You can now save and it is ready to use.


Once you have configured Stackla to work with Sitecore SXA you can now add Widgets via the drag and drop functionality available in this Sitecore extension.

To access, simply load a page via the Experience Editor in Stackla.

Once the Experience Editor loads, you will see in the SXA Toolbox, that Stackla will have its own Rendering group, with Widget available as one of the items.


From here you can simply drag the Widget item into the part of the page you wish to have it render. You will then be asked to select a Widget from one of the Stacks you have connected to Sitecore.


And as well apply any Dynamic Display settings such as Filtering or Tagging options.


Once you are happy with it, you can hit save and your Widget will render on your Sitecore Experience Accelerator page.

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