Sizemek is and ad management platform that allows you to build, serve, analyze, and optimize mobile ads on any device.

The Sizmek plugin combines your UGC from Stackla to make planning, managing and distributing dynamic creative automated and uncomplicated. Sizmek's open ad management approach provides scale to your creative targeting and retargeting.

1. Install the Sizmek Plugin in Stackla

  • Within the Plugins area of Stackla, install the Sizmek Plugin.

  • Select to Configure.

  • Select the Filter you are looking to use the plugin for. Additionally, select the number of images that Stackla will make available per tag associated with that Filter. The maximum number of images available is 5 per tag.

2. Create The Ad

  • Once configured, this will generate an endpoint URL which can be used within the Sizmek tool.

  • Using the HTML5 Ad Builder (sometimes also referred to as the DCO Ad Builder) one can then build the relevant Ad Creative desired.

  • From here one can configure the MDX NXT DCO Data Feed Subscription in addition to the feed URL, the update times, and duration of Sizmek to query Stackla for (ie. Date Range), etc.

3. Combine

  • ​Once complete, match up the fields in the Stackla feed with that within their HTML5 Ad Template.

Sizmek will then call Stackla, bring in a sample of the relevant assets in order to continue to manipulate the template and do some testing. Once satisfied the Ad can be published.

For further information please log a support ticket.

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