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Understanding the Dashboard
Understanding the Dashboard
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The Stackla dashboard brings forward some useful information:

  • Highlights the number of authentic user-generated visuals aggregated

  • If your a Co-Pilot customer, see the latest content recommendations

  • A snapshot of recent Rights Management requests

  • How many new assets have been added to the Stackla Asset Manager

  • Recent product announcements

  • Top UGC Tiles ranked by impressions and interactions

New content & Co-pilot recommendations

Firstly, you will see the amount of content you have aggregated as well as a preview of that content.

Co-Pilot customers, will see the latest recommendations, for example new Tiles to publish or request rights to, and a link to action those recommendations.


Assets snapshot & Rights requests

Not only can you easily see the number of Assets in your stack, but you also get a quick view of the storage space currently being used. Additionally, you will see a preview of your most recent Rights Management activity! You’ll also notice quick links to take your straight to the corresponding sections of your stack.


Assets activity/touch-points

See the overall picture of your published assets and how they are currently being utilized across each of your marketing channels/touchpoints.

There’s also a calculation of the Assets you have acquired via Rights Management and their equivalent cost when compared with average stock image/video prices. This gives you an idea of the savings you’re making by acquiring the rights to user-generated content.


Product announcements

Stay updated on all Stackla updates and improvements! This section includes links to our latest product updates, blog posts and support articles.


Top tiles

Preview your top Tiles based on impressions & interactions from the last 7 days. Find visually similar content in your Stack with a single click (Visual Recognition or Co-Pilot required).


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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