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Getting started with Stackla Widgets on Squarespace
Getting started with Stackla Widgets on Squarespace
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Sometimes adding a Widget to an existing website is not possible - lack of IT support, incompatible technology or just slow internal processes sometimes mean creating a microsite may be the best option.

This guide walks you through achieving this with popular site builder Squarespace, but there are a range of other options including WordPress, Wix, Weebly and more that are all compatible with Stackla Widgets.

Getting started

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. Squarespace offers a range of beautifully designed, easily customisable templates and handles tools to handle tricky stuff like domains, eCommerce solutions, hosting, galleries, analytics and more.

From as little as $10/month you can create a fully hosted website and integrate user-generated content with Stackla Widgets.

Signing Up

Navigate to and click “Get started”.

Choose one of over 55 template designs.

Complete the sign-up process (or sign in if you’re already a Squarespace customer) and you’re ready to go.

Creating your site

Follow the setup wizard to choose things like your website category and purpose and to give your site a title.

You’ll then be dropped into the website editor.

Editing your page

From the left hand menu choose Pages then select the name of the page you would like to edit.

In this example I’ll be adding a Stackla Widget to my “Home” page.

To begin editing, hover over the section that you would like to add your Stackla Widget to and click “Edit” on the hover menu.

Hover your mouse in the location where you would like to add your Widget - as you do so, a number of pins with attached lines will appear to show you where you can add new sections.

When you are hovered over the desired location click the pin to reveal the Content Block menu. In this menu, scroll to locate or search for the “Code” block and select it.

In the popup that appears, simply paste in your Widget embed code. Ensure that “display source” is not selected and the type dropdown shows “HTML”.

Click apply.

To see the Widget in action, go to the Full Page Preview.

Note: The Stackla Widget will not render on the Squarespace page in Edit mode (even if 'Safe Mode' is enabled).


Your Widget is now live on your page.

Squarespace offers comprehensive documentation on how to configure domains and publish your site live on the web. Check out: for more information.

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