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How can I determine which tiles are bigger than others?
How can I determine which tiles are bigger than others?
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When using Stackla's Waterfall widget, you can utilize our Double Column Spanning tile feature. This essentially provides a quick and easy way of specifying posts that should be displayed at double the width of the other tiles. It's a great way to highlight or feature specific user content, custom tiles, sponsors, etc. Note: This tag only works within the Waterfall widget and must be enabled per widget from the Appearance Tab.

Specifying Double Column Spanning tiles:

Within the Stackla tool, there is a system Tag called 'Double Column Span'. Simply apply this tag to any piece of content you wish to enlarge.

You can either automate this tag to be applied to content coming in from certain ingestion terms via Aggregate > Manage Terms, or you can manually choose exactly with individual posts you want to show 'double column'.


To automate, simply apply the 'Double Column Span' tag to any term at the ingestion level.


This way, any content arriving from this specific ingestion term will always appear spanning two columns.


If you want to manually manage this, you can do it via the content list in Curate > Manage Content. Simply find the piece of content you want to make double column, then click in the Tag section and choose 'Double Column Span' from the list.

Double column spanning tile preview:

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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