Release Notes - 24-10-18
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Instagram Term Updates


Term aggregates posts @stacklasocial Instagram Business handle is tagged in.

Business Stories Support

A new Instagram Term type, "Business Stories", is now available.

This Term type allows you to aggregate Stories from your own Instagram Business handles.

Business Tagged Photo Support

A new Instagram Term type, "Business Tagged Photo", is now available.

This Term type allows you to aggregate any post in which your Instagram Business handle has been tagged.

Multi-image / video Post Support

Multi-image "carousel" posts aggregated through Instagram Business Discovery, Business Mentions and Business Photo Tag Terms will now be aggregated by Stackla.

Each image / video in the post will be aggregated as a separate Tile and can be individually moderated in Curate > Content.

Stackla Asset Manager Updates


Add To Asset Manager option in Tile overflow menu.

Add To Asset Manager Option

Previously, to add a Tile to Stackla Asset Manager you first had to complete the Rights Management workflow and receive approval from the content creator.

This workflow should still be completed for user-generated content, however if you are aggregating content that you already have rights to - for example content from your brand's social accounts - you may wish to bypass Rights Management and send a Tile directly to Stackla Asset Manager.

This update adds an option to do so on the Tile overflow menu in Curate > Content.

Increased Image File Size Limits

The file size limit for individual assets has been increased to 100MB (previously 4MB)

PDF Support

Stackla Asset Manager now supports the PDF filetype.

Video / Audio Original File Format Retention

Previously, when a video or audio file was uploaded - Stackla Asset Manager would convert the file to mp4 (videos) / mp3 (audio) from the original file format and the original file was discarded.

This update will now store the Asset in both its original file format as well as the converted file format. The converted file format will be used for sharing / embedding.

Sitecore Plugin Updates

The official Stackla Sitecore Plugin is now compatible with Sitecore 9.0 Rev 171219 (Update 1) & Sitecore 9.0 Rev 180604 (Update 2).

It is also now compatible with Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.6, 1.7 and 1.7 Update - 1.

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