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Release notes - 02-08-18
Release notes - 02-08-18
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Stackla Asset Manager

Stackla Asset Manager brings all of your owned, paid and earned visual content together into one centralized platform – easily and instantly accessible to any team, for any audience, on any channel. You can learn more about this new feature here.

Sitecore 9.x Plugin Compatibility

Our Sitecore Plugin is now compatible with the latest version of Sitecore and Sitecore XDB.

Zapier: Custom Data

Stackla's Zapier Plugin has been updated to support Custom Data being sent and applied to tiles.

Re-Ingest Tiles via Create Tile

It is now possible to 're-ingest' a Tile via the Create Tile screen within Stackla, allowing customers to update any tile from networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (plus all our networks) if for whatever reason they have been changed on the source network.

Stack to Stack Copy for Event Screens

Now available! Similar to Widgets, with the right permissions you can copy Event Screens from one Stack to another.

Badword Filter

Now extended to include First Name / Last Name details collected via GoConnect (in addition to Username, User Handle, Social Text)

Instagram High Resolution Images

Stackla now aggregates and can render high resolution (1080x1080) Instagram images.

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