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Nosto’s recommendations are based on customer behaviour, either personal or crowd, on which relations and relevancy between different products are based on. For instance, when a product is added, it doesn’t have any relation to other products, but after a while when visitors have browsed and bought products, relations and relevancy between different products start to develop.

Recommendation types, such as Personalized Recommendations or Browsing History, require personal browsing history on site for Nosto to be able to display recommendations. Naturally recommendations based on individual browsing history, instead of trends, tend to deliver the best commercial results and thus also the best user experience.

A page for a visitor without browsing history on the site

The same page and view for returning visitor

Nosto will automatically hide a recommendation in case there is no product to display i.e. no relevancy. Technically this means that an Html-placeholder or element is loaded, but since it doesn’t include any products, it is hidden automatically. Again, if an element has some products to display it will automatically load within the Html-placeholder.

As a design consideration, Nosto’s Html placeholders shouldn’t be included in a separate container- element, so that they can automatically hide without leaving an empty placeholder on site.

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