On Magento 1 and Magento 2, Nosto can create a bundle recommendation which allows a customer to add all three (or more, or less) products to the cart directly from the recommendation, as seen in the examples below. This consequently improves average order value, items per order and also sales profitability if Nosto is configured to recommend items within a defined sales margin.

Unlike common alternatives, which typically support only manual bundle creation and are thus suitable for individual bundling or stores with very limited amount of products, bundle recommendation is generated by Nosto's E-commerce Intelligence Engine, hence it automatically recommends the best combinations and also supports merchandising through Advanced Dynamic Filtering. Lastly, sold out items are automatically removed from just like in other Nosto recommendations.

Unfortunately at least at this point discounted bundles are not supported and support for adding product to the cart from the recommendation (creating the bundle experience) is only on Magento1 (M1 how-to guide) and Magento2 (M2: how-to guide). 

Note that adding multiple products to cart is supported from Nosto's Magento1 module version 3.8.0 and from Magento2 module version 2.12.0

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