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Implementing Pop-up Launch Parameter
Implementing Pop-up Launch Parameter

3rd party-triggered pop-up settings

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Campaign launch parameter is a sub-feature for Maximize Sales from Ad Campaigns. The pop-up is triggered by the url-parameter when a customer clicks a link featuring the parameter and lands on your site.

Copy the pre-defined parameter from the Nosto admin and attach it as an additional parameter to the link url to your campaign links, which you want to trigger the pop-up. Keep in mind standard practices in web-developement that if the parameter is the first one, it should have a question mark (?) as a prefix or an et-symbol (&) if you make use of multiple parameters in your links. Nosto looks for the parameter and when a customer lands on the site after clicking a link where the parameter is present, the pop-up is triggered and displayed as you have configured it.

An example:

A fashion site is promoting new jackets for autumn in a newsletter and wants to include a personalized discount for each recipient. With some Email Service Providers offering a personalized coupon is tricky, so if the offer is handed out by Nosto when a customer receiving the newsletter lands on the site by clicking redeem my offer-link. The link points to the site to preferred landing page, and after attaching a Nosto parameter into the link, it enables and triggers the pop-up.

Consequently when recipients of the newsletter click the button in the newsletter and land on the site, they’ll get the discount served by the pop-up and can immediately start shopping.

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