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Pop-up Priority Order
Pop-up Priority Order
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In case you’re running multiple pop-up campaigns simultaneously a visitor could trigger multiple pop-ups, yet Nosto will only display one. You can freely change the priority order via drag and drop by clicking on "Adjust the order of priority of the campaigns".

The default logic and priority order for Nosto pop-ups is the following, in descending order:

Pop-ups displayed when a customer lands on the site

  1. Ad campaign pop-up is displayed if a customer lands from the set source

  2. Season sale (show to all)

  3. New Customer pop-up

Exit-intent popups

  1. Pop-up offering discount

  2. Pop-up asking for an email address (abandoned cart pop-up)

Once a popup is shown, it becomes active and will stay active (across sessions) until either:

  • Popup is permanently closed by a customer (i.e. by clicking “no thanks, I’ll pay the full price” CTA),

  • A purchase is made with a fetched coupon code,

  • Corresponding popup campaign gets disabled in the Nosto admin

If a pop-up is minimised, a ribbon is permanently displayed until a customer has purchased something. In case you would like to hide the ribbon, you may disable it under visual settings.

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