Ads can be published either on Facebook desktop, Facebook mobile or Instagram, meaning users can see ads across all these channels. When all three platforms are selected, campaign budget and impressions are automatically balanced between selected channels and optimized automatically by Facebook. For instance, if Instagram and Facebook mobile perform better than Facebook desktop in terms of ad engagement, clicks and conversions, Facebook automatically balances the budget spend and optimizes for those platforms yielding the best results.

Platform selector also allows running campaigns in parallel with different content for each. For instance, if you want to test which channel has the best performance resulting best commercial results, test for example Instagram separately first. However, initial research suggests that dual placement (when ads are sent and shown on Facebook and Instagram) seems to be yielding slightly better results than when using Facebook alone.

Remember that Instagram is fully mobile service and place for visually engaging and inspirational content, meaning that it suits best verticals and stores selling products which are aesthetically suitable for the channel. Naturally, if your mobile strategy is not to drive paid traffic to mobile site, Instagram and Facebook mobile are not suitable options. Also take into consideration your key sales channels and behaviour. Possibly your customers make the first engagement with mobile, but are more keen to buy on desktop so re-targeting budgets could be higher for desktop, whereas prospecting budget more leaning towards mobile, all depending on your marketing strategy.

Instagram and Image sizes

Since users come to Instagram for visual inspiration, it sets requirements also for advertiser. At the time, minimum image size requirement for Instagram is 600px * 600px before ads can be launched on Instagram (images need to be squarable). Surprisingly often product images used on e-commerce web-sites don’t meet these requirements, hence Nosto is forced to remove those products from the product catalogue used for the campaign. Nosto’s campaign creation wizard displays a warning if your product images don’t meet these requirements when Instagram is selected as a platform.

If only some of your product images are suitable for Instagram, but not all, but you want to use Instagram as a platform, Nosto recommends running separate campaigns on Instagram and on Facebook (mobile and desktop). This ensures that especially in re-targeting campaigns users will see most relevant products to them on Facebook, whereas on Instagram ads will run with a limited product set, meaning that a user will see ads, but these might not feature items they have viewed or left behind in their carts.

For debugging purposes, use product catalogue tool to review which product images are not suitable for Instagram and ideally replace these with bigger product images so that you can advertise with full product catalogue in all available platforms.

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